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We are On a mission to show the next generation the love of christ through fitness!!

Our goal is to make a daily impact on the youth of the world. we have created this business to glorify god through our fitness programs. we understand the importance of the power of leading the next generation closer to christ. we know that by making a positive impact on the youth that they can take a step in their faith to truly find the purpose god has for them in this world. We believe everyone is here for a purpose and we aren't meant to do it alone. this is an opportunity to help the youth grow in their faith and draw closer to god. 

By showing the love of christ daily, we hope it will make an impact on the lives of each individual who walks in our door. we aim to create the best athletes, but we also want to show them that they can glorify god through everything they do in sports and in life. 

When I was a youth athlete I didn't have a faith-based leader to show me how to glorify god through my daily life. that has driven me to really dig into the faith of the youth, be a mentor, be a leader and show the youth that god isn't only at church on Sunday but he is with us daily through everything we do. Over the last 5 years of my life I've had mentors who poured into me, inspiring me to do the same with every individual I get to meet. 

AG Athletics is so much bigger than myself and everyone who supports this. it takes daily prayer and trusting god is in control with the direction of this business. with god at the lead, we know we can make the biggest impact for his kingdom!! 

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