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The AG Athletics training methods have been used to create some of the highest performing athletes in the world. Focusing on the Athletes short/long term goals and health is a main priority. We want our Athletes to succeed, while also maintaining a healthy body for after they chose to retire from the sport. Many methods are used to preserve your Athletes joints, muscles, mobility and prevent injuries. We don't train our Athletes to only be better in the next 2 months we build a foundation that will let them perform at a high level for years down the road.

Muscle activation training 

Advanced training for your athlete. We will design a program specifically for them. Which includes explosive, speed, agility, strength and mindset training. Train like the professionals!! 

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We focus on the smallest details in our sessions to 

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Have a group of teammates or friends you want to train with? Our small group service is for Adults or Athlete training. 

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Train like the pro's

Professional athletes train more than just the sport. they add in our training to help strengthen the body & mind for every moment in games 

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